About Helen

Photography has always been a fun way to capture important moments in time, and because of photography, we are able to share faces and milestones for generations. Photography is a part of life and can only be matched by ones's living memory. It allows us to recall in great detail the events and characters of the past and provides an avenue for stories.

    I have traveled and lived in unique places while meeting and working with some very interesting people. Without my camera, I could never do justice to the stories I tell about my life on the way to becoming a professional photographer. 

    While living in Winter Park, Colorado, the changing seasons and the constant stream of new faces made me value my emerging interest behind the camera. Enjoying the outdoors with good friends made for some great photographic experiences. My interest grew into an art in Charleston, South Carolina, where this city of history and culture provided endless opportunities to master fine detail. Now I'm finding new opportunities everyday back in Winter Park to record more stories for the future.